Sep 21, 2012

Im back and hopefully for awhile...

I got bored and decided check up on my old blog. I guess I still have random visitors coming and looking etc. Maybe ill have time to do this. Maybe not no promises. I want to start asking questions on this blog and have people comment there opinions. First off whose getting the new iphone 5 why or why not?

Sep 24, 2011

Sep 23, 2011

Round 3

Allergy Kit Update.
The last vial I did was the cold vial, about a week ago. Before that It has been awhile since I have done one every other day. I still have some days though where I act up a little out of the whole month or dry coughs during working out. Its still summer weather here so its hard to see if I'm improving or not during the colder weather. I say this summer was better then my last. For some reason though I feel like I do better in the summer instead of fall winter time.

As far as food goes I still need do the shrimp and crab one.

Also maybe repeating vial 1 which is the dairy and eggs one. I could have cereal in the morning but now I cant it throws me off. Its been 2 months now and I usually have eggs or beard.

Sep 22, 2011

Round 2

Best ice cream i have ever had. To bad its not here in Washington. When your in cali fashion has it first. But im not to sure about those colored shoes... I went to SelfEdge and bought a cain and wallet but these arent your normal stuff its 10X more expensive and better quality. That burger you see was probably the best one i had down at the beach. And I had my fair share of it.

Sep 20, 2011

look out!

Keep an eye out as I will post pictures everyday this week. For my missed posts. Enjoy.

Sep 19, 2011

its been awhile

Its been awhile guys but I'm back to update you on many things. First off I was off to California for awhile and It was a blast. I visited my sister and my girlfriends family, even went to my first egyptian wedding. I worked out while i was gone surprisingly and walked plenty. I noticed my allergies where great there. Air quality was great and the only time I seemed to noticed issues were when I was working out. Last month I probably averaged about 4-6 for the whole month. My plans for the kit in the future is to stop doing it for a time period. This fall will be a big test to see how I feel and do. Noticeably the cold have been bugging me a little but with the warm weather in tact time will only tell when or if my symptoms might start kicking in again, hopefully not....

Aug 22, 2011

1 week gone

Seattle on those nice sunny days! and went again with my gf to find her a formal dress. Had Vietnamese sandwich at this new stair place. Off to Cal soon to visit my bestest sis!

Aug 12, 2011

a lot of catching up to do!!!!!

Ill let the pictures do the talking of what I have been up to.

update you all soon been busy.

Aug 1, 2011

The List...

Been studying like mad when I do have an exam. But still making time for summer and enjoying life. This week was Kirkland car show and Bellevue Art fair. Did a lot of walking.... Been seeing a lot more movies at the theater then I normally do.... I guess waiting all the time for redbox isn't easy when you've seen them all basically.

The Allergy Kit update.
It seems like a long time since I've done a detailed writeup. But everything has been great and summer couldn't be better. I haven't had any issues that I can actually recall. The beginning of July I did have vitamin c. Nothing like I used to before I started the treatment. And even during it dramatically decreased. As well as my random dry cough, random watery mouth, tightness in throat and lack of well being in morning and randomly. I think that my true test will be in the fall and winter ! I'm excited and nervous to see how this treatment has and well hold up.

Currently on Cat and Dog vial and still working on it. I have started working out again and still get some dry random coughs but doesn't hurt or get the tightness anymore. It has been nearly 6-8 months since I have actually done this on a more regular basis weekly. Before this was more randomly like once a month or 2 max. But now I am able jump around and play basketball and work my self harder then I have ever since I my allergy attack.

Jul 24, 2011

1031 am

Cat and dog vial start today. Its the first time. Ive noticed in the past I could last about few hours in someones house that had pets. But after doing 1-7 and my other vials i've noticed i'm a lot better and doesn't seem to bug me as it used too, I would just have a dry cough. So hopefully doing this treatment will make it 100% better and not even have to worry.